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PRformance is a network of expert consultants specialised in a wide range of fields - communications, marketing, sales, recruitment, finance, management, computing, legal and administrative - operating in France and abroad.PRformance has co-founded an international network of independant PR firms, The Association of Communications Experts (The ACE).

Laurent Durgeat spearheade the project. He is a graduate in political sciences (IEP Toulouse), with a postgraduate degree in marketing and communications strategies (Celsa, Sorbonne University). Initially in charge of operational marketing missions at UAP Insurance, he then spent 10 years working as a consultant for firms and organizations, before moving into the consultancy/agency sector in France and abroad. In addition to consulting, he also shares his research with both colleagues (Stratégies, Benchmark) and students (Celsa, Négocia, Iscom). Laurent also created the PR portal planete-rp.com and founded the Observatory of Alter-Information - a forum on new technologies in the information and communications sectors.

Furthermore, Laurent Durgeat lectures at Celsa (Sorbonne University ) and is active on the conference circuit (Expocom, Hourtin, Benchmark).


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Since all the expert consultants working with PRformance are freelancers with proven track records in their specialist fields, the network confidently offers you professional services, meets your deadlines and correctly manages the budgets you allocate us.

PRformance provides its team with permanent access to logistic support (data bases, operational partners, distribution materials, a business centre and seminar facilities), as well as a platform for collective intelligence.

The team at PRformance shares the same beliefs in methodology and ethical conduct. Consequently, in the case of unforeseen circumstances preventing a consultant from continuing his or her mission, PRformance engages to immediately provide an equally skilled replacement

Paris-based PRformance was founded in 2002.



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