• Communication

    Press Relations

    Consulting and strategies for communications targeted at the press and/or a company service product, an administration, community or any other entity.
    (Interviews, media training, round tables…).

    Public Relations

    Communications strategies, targeted action plans, strategic operations.
    (Themed seminars, technical and administrative meetings, conventions…).


    The art of influence. Establishing contacts between groups with vested interests. Discovering and using powers of persuasion and tactics to deliver your message or deflect attention.
    PRformance recommends the use of monitoring tools to detect future decisions likely to influence development of your market.

    Written Communications

    The written word as marketing tool. Our approach involves market and target analysis, and crafting content to deliver a clear and polished message.
    (Company brochures, media kits, press releases, newsletters, and websites).

    Financial PR Communications

    Quality information for investors. Based on two approaches – economic and financial; corporate.

    Crisis Communications

    How to deal with the media in a crisis. We give the teams and spokespeople concerned the tools to skilfully handle any situation.

    Exhibitions and Events

    Partnerships, conferences and roundtables, themed-meetings, trade fairs, events, communication supports.

    Organising Debates

    Preparing speakers and fine-tuning their speeches (delivering the message, structure, timing, key questions).
    For this mission, PRformance has a team of specialist journalists/media coaches.

    Copywriting, Publishing and Creative Solutions

    Graphic charters, logotypes, copywriting… PRformance has skilled consultants, journalists and copywriters to provide you with superior creative solutions.

    PR Training and Coaching

    Programs for communications professionals, run by our experienced and specialised coaches.

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